— The Preaching and Teaching Ministry of Kevin A. Pierpont

Adoring the Savior

I think believers need to see the Passion of the Christ. I had the opportunity last week to take Carolyn to see the movie nearby. I wasn’t prepared for how my heart would be stirred. I think any Christian watching this movie will do so through tears. It is in no way entertainment.

In the evening service last night we worshipped at the Lord’s Table and I took the bread and the cup with a new sense of devotion to my Savior.

In the past I’ve given far too little thought to the agony Christ endured for me. I’ve not considered the pain and suffering and spiritual anguish He endured for me. I went to the Lord’s Table in adoration and with a deeper sense of gratitude for Christ’s surrender of himself for me. This is a powerful film that will shake you and give you an opportunity to more fully appreciate what Christ has done for you on the Cross.