— The Preaching and Teaching Ministry of Kevin A. Pierpont

An Important Update

We have an important update to share.

Carolyn and I have sensed for a little more than a year that the Lord has been leading me back into Pastoral ministry.

This week I accepted a unanimous call to become the Pastor at Chardon Baptist Church, Chardon. Ohio.

We are looking forward to beginning our ministry with the church family there soon, but there is much for us here at Camp Barakel to hand off to others. Our last official day as Resident Missionary Staff at Camp Barakel will be October 11. 

We love the people we serve alongside and the work God is doing here. Pray for the work that continues at camp and please pray for us as we transition over the next several weeks.

Our time at Barakel has been powerful in our lives. In the days and years ahead we expect to see God using in our lives everything He has been teaching us through the experiences and wonderful people we’ve worked with here over the last three years.

We are so grateful to God for your faithful support and prayers. You are a great blessing!