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Chris Rice Writes Songs for ‘The Other’ Listener

I’ve appreiciated the music of Chris Rice for some time now. I think the Cartoon Halleluja Song grabbed my attention first. You can read the lyrics but you have to hear the Cartoon Song to fully appreciate it. Associated Baptist Press shared an interview of Chris Rice recently. I especially appreciated these comments from the article;

Rice might be the most unlikely star in Christian music. He’s a recording artist who shuns publicity, a songwriter who doesn’t listen to music, an amateur theologian who doesn’t read much.

Each summer he chooses to lead music at youth camps rather than tour Christian music’s big venues. He’s more comfortable around children or in front of a group of secular college students than he is around adults, particularly Christians who expect him to behave and perform a certain way.

How refreshing. Now go get one of Chris’s CD’s
and enjoy some music.

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