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Hard at Sleep

As I promised I’ve got a couple more photos of our new arrival – Josiah. As you can see he …

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Hello World

It’s a BOY! That makes seven boys and one girl just in case you were trying to keep track. I …

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Seven Steps To Scripture Memory Success

Have you ever tried to memorize scripture? Started out with big plans to memorize say, a chapter a month. Failed miserably after trying for just a week? This method emphasizes finding a workable plan for you, starting with one or two verses a week. The usefulness of this plan is in its simplicity.

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My, Things Sure Are Quiet, Dear

Over the last fifteen years or so we’ve had cable television on and off depending on where we were living at the time. This week we had it disconnected. What a liberating feeling and it’s been a little more peaceful around here lately. As peaceful as things can be with seven children between the ages of eleven and sixteen months.

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Intro to Blogging

Here’s a good intoduction to blogging – in case you were interested. Blogging for Beginners: What You Need to Know …

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