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Tie vote keeps marriage amendment off ballot

It looks like the efforts of thousands in Michigan to define marriage as between one man and one woman could be thwarted by two individuals. I think their argument is highly debatable. We must pray that the court will overturn their decision and get this on the ballot here in Michigan in November. I’ve excerpted the Detroit Free Press article below.

Dividing along party lines, the four-member Board of State Canvassers fell short of the three votes needed to approve the petition from the group Citizens for the Protection of Marriage.

The marriage group was denied a spot on the ballot despite collecting more than 460,000 signatures of registered voters, according to estimates by state elections officials. Only 318,000 signatures were needed.

Democratic Canvasser Doyle O’Connor said the board should not place an amendment before voters that would be “patently unlawful” and certain to be struck down by the courts if approved. O’Connor and the other Democrat on the panel, Chairwoman Dorothy Jones, voted no.

Representatives of the citizens group who attended the meeting said they expect to seek a court order to reverse the decision within days. The issue is of some urgency because proposal language has to be approved and available for local elections officials by early September to give them time to print ballots for overseas absentee voters.

…Eric Doster, an attorney for the petitioners, said O’Connor’s interpretation of the proposal was unnecessarily complicated. It is intended to clearly define marriage and preclude the creation of other forms of marriage, including civil unions, Doster said. But it would not affect contractual arrangements between employers and employees in the public or private sector, he said.