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Why We Train Our Children At Home

My brother, Ken, posted an article recently which I’ve re-published here with his permission. He states very well his family’s reasons for teaching their children at home and I couldn’t say it any better. Be sure to check out his site soon.

Ken says “We train our children at home”…

Because the Bible places the primary responsibility for training with the father. (Deuteronomy 6:4-8). The primary place of training is the home. We have made a covenant with God, a solemn promise to train our children up in the fear of the Lord and we do not want to violate that covenant. God wants us to have a multi-generational vision. (Psalm 78:6)

Because we like to spend time with them. As it is our time will be so short. We deeply love our children and we want to spend hours and days with them, not just a few hurried minutes a day. (Isaiah 44:3-4; Psalm 112:1-2) We must win and keep their hearts.

We have a spiritual foe who is determined to destroy our homes and make victims of our children. One of the ways he is accomplishing that is simply by distracting us and getting us involved in many things outside the home. Many of these things are good things but we are left with little time with each other. God is stirring the hearts of many to redeem that time to be
with their family while they can. We are among those that God has clearly called to do that.

Because we want our children to be best friends with their brothers and sisters. I’m glad that my oldest son would rather stay home on Saturday nights and give his little brothers their baths than go “hang out” with others his own age. The sweet short years when he can do that with his brothers will be gone so quickly. (Psalm 133)

Because healthy socialization is best accomplished in the family. The family and the social contacts of the family are the “real world.” Age-segregated classrooms are not.

Because we do not want them to assume the behavior and attitudes of those who will surface as leaders in an age-graded environment. The Scriptures teach that the companion of fools will be destroyed and evil company corrupts good morals. (Proverbs 13:20; I Cor. 15:33)

Because we are instructed not to expose our children to the details of evil.

God wants us to discern evil with our spirit. (I John 4:1)
God wants us to be na?ve regarding evil (Romans 16:19)
Leaning evil will corrupt right living. (Proverbs 19:27)

Because we do not want them to be taught in a humanistic, relativistic environment. There are no true ethically and morally neutral institutions. A public school is not morally and ethically neutral. If the truth of God is removed or outlawed another system of belief will rise up and fill the vacuum. That has happened in America’s public schools. I am commanded to protect myself and my family from worldly philosophies. (Col. 2:8)

Because we do not want them to be taught error like evolution, revisionist history, social studies, and sex education from an unbiblical point of view. If I allowed them to be taught these things I would have to teach them the truth at home. Since I don’t have time for that I just keep them at home and teach them right the first time. I believe to allow my young children to be taught these godless philosophies would be to break covenant with God. I have vowed to raise them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. (Psalm 1).

Because true learning must be built on truth. (Matthew 7:24)

Because we do not want them in an environment where they can date without parental control, advice, and accountability. (I Cor. 7) Youth romance and dating is a minefield of danger that is bringing great harm to thousands of precious Christian young people. Most of God’s people have adopted the practice of dating which is foreign to the scriptures. The practice of dating usually circumvents the father’s authority and leads to impurity. There is a better way and we long to have that for your sons and daughters

Because children do not learn best in age-graded groups. Maturity in youth requires a rejection of the wordy concept of adolescence. Children, especially boys, learn best when their formal education is delayed until they are somewhat older. (Deu. 16:16).

Because public education is in a state of turmoil. Public schools can be dangerous. Children are often physically, emotionally, and verbally abused in public schools. They are subjected to mocking and ridicule and even physical abuse that would not be tolerated in the adult world.

Because public schools were formed with humanistic values in mind.

“Adolescent peer groups serve a very real function in society. They provide a way in which children can learn to become independent of family authority. In modern society, maturity is equated with independence, with the ability to formulate one’s own judgments, and with the capacity to take independent action and live with the consequences of the action. Peer groups provide children with the experience of egalitarian relationships not possible in the family. Through peer groups, the child is exposed to values and experiences of dozens of other families, man of which may be greatly different from his own. Through these contacts, the child’s horizons are broadened, his perceptions widened. In order for peer groups to serve these important functions, the child must get outside of the family and interact freely with children of his own age. The school is ideal for this purpose. Its corridors and classrooms, clubs and activities provide a natural and convenient setting for the young to socialize. In addition, schools provide an environment in which boy-girl relationship and understanding may develop. This mixing of the sexes in youth performs a valuable function in Western society, in which the selection of mates is based largely on personal choice. Adolescence is a time for testing relations and forming standards of selection.” Education, Encyclopedia Britannica. 1974, Macropedia Volume 6, pg. 414

Because a classroom setting is not the best way to learn. We learn better in an environment that encourages exploration and integrates learning with daily tasks.

Because many Christian Schools are expensive and sometimes just religious versions of the public schools. Often a mother has to work outside the home to pay for Christian education.

Because home-trained children are more likely to me leaders and to stand alone.

Because the emphasis in institutional education is on academics, but scripture teaches the emphasis should be on character. (II Peter 1:5). When you separate learning facts (knowledge) from developing godliness (character) the result is pride. C. S. Lewis rightly described pride as the complete anti-God state of mind.

Because the public moral consciousness does not agree with the law of God. For instance the law of God clearly teaches the sinfulness of homosexuality and abortion, the fact of creation and the folly of evolution. These issues are debated in the schools. The “law” that is taught in the public school system is reduced to; “Thou shalt not litter” and “Thou shalt be tolerant of all kinds of sin and all varieties of belief or unbelief.”

These are the Biblical principles that strengthen our resolve when things are difficult or discouraging. These are the truths of God that we must engraft into our souls because we live in a day when the enemy is coming in like a flood and the love of many is growing cold. We want our children to love God with all their hearts and walk with him all their lives.