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30 years of sadness

Some celebrate 30 years of the right to “choose”. Others are saddened by choices that have been made during the last thirty years.

As a dad with eight children, whom I love with all my heart, I can’t imagine my wife and I having chosen to take the life of one of our little ones. They are all precious to me. Yet there are those who have made that choice. Certainly, choosing to have an abortion or helping someone make that decision is difficult.

We are not without help. God’s Word ought to direct us in all we do. Whether we are confronted with the choice or with those who choose we must ultimately turn to God’s Word for direction.

I want to offer up a few links to the sermons of John Piper on this subject as he has addressed this well over the years.

Rescuing Unborn Children: Required and Right – Proverbs 24:10-12
Abortion: Shall We Listen to Men or to God? – Acts 4:13-22
Compassion and the Killing of Children – Hebrews 10:32-35

There are also many resources. Here are a few…
National Right to Life
Care Net
Baptists for Life

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  1. I really like John Piper, I have read several of his books. He gets to the point, even if it does hurt a little, but that is what sanctification is all about, removing the bad and replacing it with the good. Thanks for the links!

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