Coronavirus and Christ

Here’s a timely free resource from John Piper, “Coronavirus and Christ”. It’s available as a free eBook, audio book (read by John Piper himself), and for purchase in paperback. The audio is available below if you wish to listen to it here.

Does Prayer Go Unanswered

Does Prayer Go Unanswered?

Sometimes we’re tempted to think that God isn’t answering our prayers. Is this the case? Does God go silent at times, even when our circumstances tell us we need Him most? While recently reading J.I. Packer’s book Knowing God I came upon this passage in which he speaks of the believer’s assurance in light of …

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DON’T Follow Your Heart

“Follow your heart” sounds great until you realize “your heart has sociopathic tendencies.” Don’t Follow Your Heart is a new book by Jon Bloom that looks like a much needed read. Download the ebook for free here or purchase the paperback at

Pay Much Closer Attention

His Spirit In Me

Thumbing through my copy of John Stott’s classic book Basic Christianity after recommending it to someone today I found this passage I had highlighted when I last read it. I thank God for the work of the Holy Spirit in me. It is by the Spirit of Christ that we can be transformed into the …

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Pay Much Closer Attention

Help Me To Be Rich Toward Thee

When sensual pleasures tempt me,
 purify and refine me; When I desire worldly possessions,
 help me to be rich toward thee. From The Valley of Vision, A Christian’s Prayer.