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4 Question Quiz – Are You An Overfunctioning Pastor?

Are You An Overfunctioning PastorAre you a pastor? Here’s a helpful quiz to test yourself. And if you aren’t a pastor here’s a reminder to pray for and help yours.

Are you overfuntioning?

  1. Are you denying "the giftedness of the body of Christ"?

  2. Are you playing "Holy Spirit in people’s lives"?

  3. Are you failing to "let people wrestle with their own problems"?

  4. Are you running "out of steam"?

This is the way Jim Meyer defines “Pastors Who Overfunction”.

Before you dismiss these questions you should go read the whole article for a little helpful self-examination.

Then pray for me that I won’t be this guy.

And tell me what you think in the comments below.

Photo by: herval (Creative Commons)