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7 Post election posts

Here are a few of post election posts I believe are worth your time.

What We Need Now (and Evermore) (Jared Wilson) – “If you, like me, believe last night’s election results constitute the sovereign chastening of God’s people in this nation for employing idolatry in opposition to the calling of evil good, you are, like me, poking under the hood this morning to diagnose ‘the problem.'”

Christians, Let’s Honor the President (Russell Moore) – “The American people have decided that Barack Obama should have a second term. And, behind them, in the mystery of providence, God has decided that Barack Obama would be re-elected. So how should Christians respond to our once and future President?”

Aftermath: Lessons from the 2012 Election (Al Mohler) – “We are rightly and deeply concerned. We must pray that God will change President Obama’s heart on a host of issues, ranging from the sanctity of unborn life to the integrity of marriage.”

A Prayer for Our President (Kevin DeYoung) – “Lead him to a firm understanding of the truth of the gospel, a resolute commitment to obey the Word of God, and a passion to promote what accords with your truth.”

From Me, Yesterday (Collin Hansen) – “If we suffer political defeat like those who have no hope but politics, we do not even commend ourselves, let alone the God who hung the moon and stars. But if we grieve as those who hope in the return of the King, those who trust in flawed politicians may one day see our good deeds and praise our Father in heaven.”

The Morning After (Mike Wittmer) – “I don’t think either candidate ever leveled with the American people about the reality of our situation and the sacrifices that must be made. Often I wished they would treat us as adults rather than condescend to us as kids, but in retrospect they’re probably right.”

3 Things the Church Can Learn from Election 2012 (Trevin Wax) – “When the community changes colors, churches tend to go into auto-pilot mode with the silent expectation that outsiders should conform to the church’s culture. In the end, we don’t model the coming kingdom or the current community.”