— The Preaching and Teaching Ministry of Kevin A. Pierpont

A God honoring life

We had a wonderful day at Higgins Lake Baptist today. The worship was good. The fellowship was sweet. The meal this afternoon was delicious. This note is a bit early because by Monday afternoon we will be on the road beginning a trip to Newark, Ohio. My grandmother Pierpont went home to be with the Lord Yesterday.

It’s bitter sweet knowing she is in heaven. I’m glad she is no longer in failing health. I’m happy her final days were peaceful. I’m thrilled she is now with Jesus. But I will miss her. She was a wonderful woman. All the things I remember about her remind me of what a Godly woman she was. Through the years she was such a hard worker and a great example of what a faithful, God honoring wife, mother and grandmother should be. O that the Lord would help keep me faithful to the end as she was.