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A law enforcement moment

This one is a bit late but it’s close to home – geographically. I happen to work in Branch County and having been in law enforcement I kind of feel sorry for the Branch County Sheriffs’s Office. They’ve been getting national attention this week for tipping off the public about a telemarketing scheme by al-Qaeda members. The only problem is their source was this article at the Onion, a satire site.

The whole Onion article on the telemarketing by terrorists, it’s hilarious. Totally absurd. How could you not realize it’s a joke with gems like this:

Last December, during a sweep of caves near the Afghan-Pakistani border, Maj. Gen. Dan K. McNeill, leader of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, unearthed further evidence corroborating the phone-solicitation theory. Inside one cave, McNeill and his troops found a bank of empty cubicles with individual phone lines, a bullhorn, and 10 desktop bells, commonly rung in the event of a “sale.”

The only redeeming factor for the Sheriffs’s office is that they’re probably clueless about all the recent notoriety.