— The Preaching and Teaching Ministry of Kevin A. Pierpont

A Man Named Ron

Let me tell you about a man named Ron.

Ron is here helping with a project this week.

We’re getting ready for a volunteer crew coming in a couple of weeks to install new windows that God provided.

Ron is staining trim that will be installed around the new windows.

Ron is in his eighties and I’d call him a master woodworker.

I’ve made a few things out of wood and everything I’ve seen that Ron has made makes my woodworking look like I was using twigs and superglue.

In the few short years I’ve known Ron I’ve seen him here at camp several times from several days at a time to a week at a time working away on woodworking projects, always with a smile on his face.

Once he trailered a pickup truck to camp for us that his family member had donated.

When Ron was a teenager some friends brought him to Camp Barakel to work. Ron told me this week that they worked for two days logging the property in preparation for buildings. It was shortly after the camp property was purchased here in 1952. He must have been in his early teens then.

But the most important news I know about Ron is that he trusted Christ in the West Side Dining Hall here at camp when he was eighteen.

And Ron has been coming back to volunteer at Barakel every year since.

I praise God for men like Ron. And I especially praise God for Ron’s Savior and mine, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for praying for and supporting us in the special work here at Camp Barakel.