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Admirable resolutions

Glenn Teal makes some admirable resolutions for 2003. I especially appreciate his 6th, he says;

“Covey challenges us to live in the realm of the important but not urgent. Planning, praying, relating, strategizing. Once a week — twice a month — four times a year I will push back the craziness and be alone with God.”

My older brother Ken shared some thoughts about resolutions I really found helpful yesterday in his weekly Stonebridge Newsletter (subscribe for free at his site);

“Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. Usually we start the New Year with big plans. We make resolutions and have aspirations. For most of us resolutions are not that helpful. A few years ago it occurred to me that we have it all wrong. Rather than big aspirations to greatness at the beginning of the year maybe it would be better to begin the year by admissions of need and appeals for help from God. Humble prayer requests rather than big promises. The way to true achievement and true accomplishment is to admit your lack and deeply depend on the Lord to form in you anything that is good or truly great.”