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And now with no further ado

It’s been a while since I’ve been here to share my thoughts. Let’s just say I’ve been busy enjoying life, family and ministry–and getting over a cold that turned all kinds of ugly.

Bear with me while I share a bit of what I’ve found interesting today…

Here are a couple thoughts from Doc Searls on blogging…

“On most days I don’t put much more than half an hour, total, into my blog. Sometimes it’s more, sure; but often it’s less. I see my blog as a kind of fireplace. Each post is a log I throw on top of the fire to keep it burning.”

“In spite (or perhaps because) of the private and personal nature of my blog, it has given me a much larger public persona. Google finds 76,900 documents on the Web that contain my name; the majority point to my blog. That’s a rather spectacular ROI.”

Blogs May Pierce the Fogs of War

“A war in Iraq could be a blog watershed. Just as CNN made its reputation with live coverage from Baghdad, blogs may be uniquely suited to help cut through the fog of war by showcasing diverse accounts and opinions.”

“One blog created by soldiers in Afghanistan, initially located at, had to relocate after being swamped with readers from all over the world. Now located at ), the site tells the story of day-to-day life for the soldiers, including subjects such as their Thanksgiving dinners and shopping expeditions into nearby towns.”

One correction from the article; it’s not it’s

And last but certainly not least…
I had to laugh with agreement when Rush Limbaugh said this today on his program about democrats such as Al Gore, Tom Daschle and Maxine Waters…

“This is all phony-baloney, plastic-banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roll outrage because these people all know Lott’s not really a racist. What he said was stupid. You can’t defend the remark. But there’s no evidence in his behavior, his voting record or in legislation that he’s authored to suggest that he’s racist at all or segregationist. So this is all politics passing as moral outrage”