Anything and everything

On a recent Saturday this winter, a pair of gloves rested on the engine cowl of the Barakel bus I was driving.

I was one of three shuttle bus drivers for a teen retreat.

A silent prayer passed through my mind asking God to bring the person who owned these gloves to ride on my bus so that they’d find them.

About a minute later a young lady boarded with her friends and snatched the gloves. “Thank you” she said. “I was wondering where I had lost them.”

A week later a stocking cap rested in the same place and the night before I had prayed the same prayer.

The next morning as passengers boarded on their way to chapel a young man grabbed the hat with a quiet “thank you”.

I’m thankful to be able to pray to God about little things like gloves and hats. I know I can talk to Him about anything because He cares about everything.

Thank you for praying for us and for your support in this special work at Camp Barakel.