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Book preview–Humility: True Greatness

Humility  : True GreatnessI’m privileged to have had access to an advanced copy of C. J. Mahaney‘s latest book, Humility: True Greatness and have been asked to review it here.

This was a convicting, and thankfully, encouraging read. I feel like I’ve been given a thorough understanding of my own deep-seated pride and then carefully led by example toward true humility.

This is a very Biblical work and the broad use of scripture will encourage the reader with the sufficiency of God’s Word to challenge and equip a believer.

As I read I was impressed with the need for families and churches to cultivate and encourage Biblical humility among its members. When humility is present it will improve our relationships with those in the home, church, community and workplace and will do so for God’s glory.

This work has also encouraged me to look at others for God’s work of grace in their lives and to encourage them by telling them what I see. Mahaney uses the example of Paul and the Corinthian church. He notes 1 Corinthians 1:8 where Paul encourages the church that God will keep them strong to the end and blameless. Mahaney emphasizes how hard this would be for someone who lacked humility. It reminded me that God can and will do a work in others and it isn’t my role to think little of their potential. At the same time this helps me practice putting the needs of others before my own.

I also appreciated the many quotes that Mahaney uses from such greats as Johnathan Edwards, John Stott, Charles Spurgeon, John Owen, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Thomas Watson, Matthew Henry and others.

Because understanding your own level of humility is so difficult, this is a must read that goes beyond just challenging you in your pride. Pride makes foul the pleasant aroma of humility in the life of a Christ follower, so Mahaney’s practical suggestions will prove to be useful for those who desire to truly live Christ-like humility.

Update: A sample, the first chapter, can be found here.