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Books for Biblical Expositors

I’m getting back into full-time pastor mode. It sure is fun. It’s a privilege. It’s also a great burden — in a good sort of way. Part of this full-time thing is preaching and teaching more than what I’ve been doing over the past few years. Along with the increased teaching comes the need for more study. More study requires good study tools. Knowing what books and reference materials are best to add to your ministry toolbox is a real challenge. Books for Biblical Expositors is a list at the Master’s Seminary that comes to a young pastor’s rescue. Professor James F. Stitzinger has created a valuable list of study tools for expository preaching. He notes;

A solid theological library is essential to the careful exposition of God’s Word. Those seeking to devote themselves to a life of biblical study and exposition must make the commitment to develop a solid library and view it as a highest priority. This important goal will be the product of careful planning so that it meets the individual needs and budget constraints of the expositor. A well balanced library should include books, periodicals, audio and video tapes, and software, all assembled and organized with careful planning and at an affordable pace. This essay proposes a model library of tools for the expositor designed to assist the serious student or pastor and the dedicated layman.