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Christian biography

One of the things I’d like to do better in 2003 is read more, quite a bit more. I’ve been considering making a larger part of my reading, than has been customary, Christian biography. While poking around a bit today at I came across the Biography section where John Piper has shared from years past some of the material from the Bethlehem Conference for pastors. Each year he “examines the life of a notable Christian figure from history.” During some of the pastors conferences Piper has examined the lives of men like John Bunyan, John Calvin, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon and Jonathan Edwards, just to name a few.

I especially found this article by Piper most encouraging in my goal to read more Christian biography. He notes;

Christian biography, well chosen, combines all sorts of things pastors need but have so little time to pursue. Good biography is history and guards us against chronological snobbery (as C.S. Lewis calls it). It is also theology – the most powerful kind – because it burst forth from the lives of people like us. It is also adventure and suspense, for which we have a natural hunger. It is psychology and personal experience, which deepen our understanding of human nature (especially ourselves). Good biographies of great Christians make for remarkably efficient reading.

So there’s my suggestion for your resolution and reading lists for 2003–more Christian biography. But while I have your attention let me point you to two more resources at;
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