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Christian bloggers wasting time?

Dan Edelen asks a fair question–“what is accomplished by Christians blogging?” Are Christian bloggers wasting their time? Are lives being changed?

Speaking for myself I don’t expect to turn the world to Christ while blogging. But as a pastor I long to see those I minister to wholly devoted to living for Christ. And for me the blog is one more avenue of teaching and encouragement toward that goal. There’s also the benefit of reaching beyond our small community with some of my teaching ministry as I share some of the studies and sermon audio that I spend a great deal of time preparing. I also benefit from blogging in that it challenges me to stay connected with current issues facing those to whom I minister.

In the few years I’ve been at this I have been encouraged by a few visitors that God has used what they’ve found here in some small way to move them forward in their service for Christ and for that God should get the glory.