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Clues, Clues, and More Clues

This is part of a great article by Greg Herrick from

“Sometimes, no matter how many clues we’re given to the contrary, we still persist in believing an error. In our culture today, no matter how many clues God gives us, we persist in believing He doesn’t exist. We’re absolutely convinced that we’re reading the “facts” correctly. But we’re not. And the problem is not that there’s a shortage of clues; the supply always exceeds the demand in God’s world.”

“The fact is, we live in an age characterized by information explosion, doubling, even tripling our clues in the blink of an eye. The half-life of any college degree now makes the paper it’s written on almost useless. But, people appear to be more confused than ever about life’s important questions. “What is happiness?” “What is meaning?” “Why am I so given to materialism?” And, most important of all, “Does God exist?” It’s like we’re building an automated world of which we will have no part since we, by our very nature, are not machines! And it seems that God has no part in this world either.”

Go read the whole thing now.