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Coffee, karate and the Cross

While I appreciate a strong coffee and free wifi Glenn Reynolds makes an interesting point about megachurches.

MEGACHURCHES WITHOUT GOD: This should prove an interesting sociological experiment, if nothing else.

We’re already part-way there. My daughter took one of her karate belt-tests at a megachurch whose denomination was indiscernible — even its Christian nature appeared only thinly, as the cross in the sanctuary was inconspicuous and the only one present. But it had a cafe with free wi-fi, and extended child care.

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1 thought on “Coffee, karate and the Cross”

  1. Hi Kev,
    Thank you for your post. We visited a good mega church in Fla. but it was very scary for me. I guess because it’s not what I am used to. I can see how some of them get it all mixed up and forget what we’re all about.
    The mega church we went to seemed to have it together.
    Hillary’s pastor, Pastor Daniel White says he doesn’t want their church to get much bigger but he wants them to break off and form other churches and continue to divide and seperate. They want to keep it personal. I think he has good ideas and really handles things according to the Word.
    Well, thank you for you updates. I love to read what you write.
    Love and Prayers,

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