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Courageous, a Movie For Dads and Their Families

Courageous a Movie for Dad and Their FamiliesOur family watched the movie Courageous a couple of weeks ago.

It was a fun movie. There was good use of humor for such a serious storyline. There were several scenes that were outright hilarious, probably because the humor seemed to sneak up on you.

Several scenes were moving and emotional, times of grieving and deep sadness, that help you feel, in part, what a family dealing with great loss would feel.

Credo Magazine points out in their recent review of Courageous that the Christianity was a bit over-the-top in some of the movie making. And yes, the Christianity may be a bit awkward and goofy at times.

But overall we still thought this was a well made and fun to watch movie. The folks at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia have grown in their Christian movie making skills. And as a Father I thank them for the challenge the Courageous movie was to me.

Hollywood may be able to pump out breathtaking special effects, but they aren’t making movies anything like this that gives a clear and unashamed Christian witness and a bold challenge to fathers to be Biblical and intentional with their leadership in the home.

So yes, dad, I recommend you grab the Courageous movie and watch it with your family.