Do not fear, only believe

It’s been an interesting few weeks for our nation and for our own communities.

At Camp Barakel we’re following our state guidelines, doing our part against the Coronavirus.

We’re also thinking about how we can best prepare camp for our next guests.

If you and I were to listen to the news media we might be inclined to fear.

But here’s an idea. Read the Bible more, listen to the news less.

Today while in the Gospel of Mark I read the passage where Jairus, one of the rulers of the synagogue, had come to Jesus because his daughter was near death.

Soon after, there was a commotion and the ruler was told that it was too late. His daughter had died.

But with Jesus, it’s never too late for Him to do what only He can.

Jesus’ words in Mark 5:36 are the words that should ring in our ears, heads, and hearts.

“Do not fear, only believe.”

When some are inclined to fear, believers in Jesus should be inclined to faith.

With God in control, we have nothing to fear.
Thank you for always praying for us and for supporting us in the work here at Barakel.