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DO NOT tell me who won

Well it’s been a few days since I last posted here. What can I say – there are some things more important than blogging. But I thought I better check in so you wouldn’t think I’m not coming back.

I am not a morning person but my career forces me out of bed early each morning. Too early. One thing I’ve learned is that I’m pretty worthless without some decent sleep – so I’m forced to go to bed pretty early. So early that I can’t watch Monday night football with my boys. This year we’ve started something new though. We tape the game on Monday night and watch the game on Tuesday. This has been a real time saver too. You can cut out all the commercials, half time and even create your own instant replay. The real problem is getting through Tuesday without hearing who won the game on Monday.

So here’s the plan. You can have a part in a new Pierpont tradition by not blogging about the game or emailing me about the game until Wednesday each week. Got it? Thanks. I knew you’d understand