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Do you hang out?

Here’s a quick rundown of a great piece by Jim Elliff on The Value of Hanging Out.

  1. Find a hanging out place, or several, in your area.
  2. Learn the names of the people you meet.
  3. Take your Bible and spend time reading it, writing notes in your notebook, or reading a good Christian book while out.
  4. Keep a friendly, approachable look about you.
  5. Seek to get to the layer of philosophical talk.
  6. You will find that they will be curious about you and your beliefs also.
  7. Make friends, real friends, who will be important to you no matter what their spiritual preferences are. Love them for who they are.
  8. If you have read something interesting that you can pass on, by all means do so, especially if it has something to do with the true love of your life, Jesus Christ.
  9. Expect God to do something.

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2 thoughts on “Do you hang out?”

  1. hey uncle kev, thank you. i agree. God is very good. i like the piece on “hanging out” good find. i can always count on finding valuable nuggets here.

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