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Evangelism for the non-evangelist

Lee Strobel speaks of the challenges of evangelism in this article from Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox. I think church leadership needs to do a better job of helping Christians understand their role in evangelizing the lost. So many in the church think they can’t do it. These thoughts are especially helpful;

“John 6:44 clearly says no one comes to Christ unless the Father draws Him. No one! If this is true, shouldn’t we depend upon God and not ourselves? To do so liberates us from feeling weighed down and having to be perfect. When we share the gospel, we do the best we can. We pray and rely on God. Then leave the results to Him. This is one burden God never meant for us to bear ourselves.”

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  1. very good article! i’ve seen so many people drug to the altar and never walk it, but once the Holy Spirit does it, their life is changed.

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