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Fuji Absolute

I picked up this 80’s vintage Fuji Absolute today. It’s a very nice ride. It even came with two new tires and tubes which Kevin Michael installed for me. He’s becoming quite the bike mechanic as he’s working on building his own fixie.

Fuji Absolute

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  1. Kevin, I also bike–simply love it–nice bike by the way! You don’t know me but I’ve met Ken, your brother, several times at either a ATI Conference, or Father’s Conference. I am an ATI dad. Been with the program for 16+ years, three boys have graduated and I have two daughters left. I will retire from the Army Chaplaincy 30 November after 23 years of military service. Thanks for recognizing the USMC BTW on your blog the other day. I started my military career as a Marine 1978-1981. The rest with the Air Nat’l Guard and then Army.
    I am presently in Los Fresnos, TX ready to begin short term missions and church planting with To Every Tribe Ministries. I met the president and founder, David Sitton a couple of years back at a John Piper Pastor’s Conference. I told him I’d pray about joining the team after retirement–and here I am.
    The purpose of my writing is that I have begun blogging as a way to communicate and inform family and friends about our mission into Mexico and Papua New Guinea. However, I am a REAL novice at this blogging stuff. I look at your page and at Ken’s page and I think to myself will my page ever look as good as thiers? with the simple tools from it seems nearly impossible. I really don’t like any of their templates. Either the font is too small or the colors not right, or not enough columns, etc. I’m presently using the only one that came close of my liking–not very close though! If you don’t mind could you give me a few pointers that will start me off in the right direction so that someday my page may start looking like yours or Ken’s. I know this may be a lot to ask and I know pastoring responsibilities keep you busy. But if you find a monment I would appreciate any advice you could give–thanks!

    God bless you brother,


  2. OJ – thanks for stopping by and commenting. You are on a great blogging platform being on In your administration panel you’ll see that under “Upgrades” you can buy, for $15 per year the privilege of editing the CSS file for any of the themes they have available. Learning how to edit CSS will be very helpful in giving you the ability to customize a theme to your liking. There is also talk that will be making special themes available for purchase in the near future.

    The only way to get more control over your site is to buy server space and host your own WordPress install, then you can freely choose from the thousands of free themes available and tweak one of them to your liking.

    I hope that helps – let me know if I can be of more help.

    Semper Fi

  3. Hey Kyle – Kevin M. and I took a quick spin at lunch today – in the 50’s, probably one of our last decent days for one of these rides. We didn’t go far but man were my legs burning when we got done. Would love to get a ride in with you guys next summer.

  4. alright nice ride

    Very nice! Like Kyle said we should all bust a move around higgins lake or something to that effect.

    Good to see you Yesterday

    Love you

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