— The Preaching and Teaching Ministry of Kevin A. Pierpont

“Graduation Day”

We’re praising God that our support is at 90%. Click here to see how you can help us get to Barakel.
Today I’m celebrating the 242nd birthday of the Marine Corps. When I arrived at Marine Corps boot camp I was overwhelmed at the start, just trying to keep up with the training, both the physical and classroom. But by week 10 the difficulty had peaked and I could finally see graduation day in the distance. I was confident that in a few weeks I would be called a United States Marine.

It’s thirty-three years later and our family is facing a different kind of “graduation day”. For the last 18 months we’ve been in the support raising process to join the Resident Missionary Staff at Camp Barakel. When we first began asking God to move in the hearts of people to join our support team we were a little overwhelmed with the task ahead. We knew God would supply if it was His will, but we couldn’t clearly see how or when He would do it.

Today we can see “graduation day”. We’re now at 90% support. We are confident that God is taking us to Camp Barakel. Along the way He has given us encouragement, providing a buyer for our house just 6 days after listing it. He also gave us temporary housing, at little cost to us, just when we needed it. And He has given us opportunities to share our ministry at Barakel in several churches over the last couple of months.

Will you pray with us for the remaining 10% support we need? We’re waiting for the Lord’s perfect timing and complete provision. We’re eagerly anticipating “graduation day” when we get to settle into our home at Camp, hopefully before Christmas, so that we will be ready to begin a new year of ministry for God’s glory at Barakel.

Here’s how you can help us get to Barakel.