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Growing rich on the old iron

Reading a Spurgeon biography last night and came on this quote. Spurgeon once commented…

“I was reading some time ago,” he said on one occasion, “an article in a newspaper, very much in my praise. It always makes me feel sad–so sad that I could cry–if ever I see anything praising me; it breaks my heart; I feel I do not deserve it, and then I say, ‘Now I must try to be better, so that I may deserve it.’ If the world abuses me, I am a match for that; I begin to like it. It may fire all its big guns at me and I will not return a solitary shot, but just store them up, and grow rich upon the old iron.”

From: Charles Haddon Spurgeon, A Biography, By W. Y. Fullerton, Chapter 5

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  1. Thank you for your post. I have been needing to find a good book for the new year. Do you have any suggestions?

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