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Half Way There!

Half Way There

Kevin and Carolyn Pierpont
As of today we’re at 54% of our needed monthly support. Praise God!
As we write the temperature is 15° here in Mount Pleasant. The weather app says it feels like 2° outside, making us happy to be inside. Camp Barakel is in the middle of winter retreat season and we’re seeing pictures of all the activities folks are enjoying there on these cold winter weekends. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is being proclaimed faithfully there, and we’re getting updates from our son Jacob who is volunteering on seasonal staff. It’s cold now, but it won’t be long and things will be warming up and summer will be here. Sounds good doesn’t it? That also means the summer camping season at Barakel will be here soon.

We have much to be thankful for. We are praising God that we are only $2277 per month away from ministering at Barakel. We are trusting the Lord for His perfect timing and we’re asking God to provide as He sees fit. There is an immediate need for us there now, and though we can’t go yet, it would be especially helpful if we could be there before late spring so that we could serve during the summer camping season.

We are also grateful to have had the opportunity in January to present our ministry to Barakel in three churches. We’re asking the Lord for more opportunities to share in other churches.

We’re thankful too that by the time you receive this, Lord willing, Carolyn and I will be in the middle of a week long Biblical Counseling Training Conference at Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana. Please pray for us that God will use this time to strengthen us for ministry with our church family at First Baptist and prepare us for future ministry at Barakel. We’re also looking forward to visiting with Dave and Phyllis Douglas as they serve there now, while Dave attends Seminary. It will be a full week for them as well with responsibilities during the conference. I’m sure they would appreciate your prayers. The Douglases are parents-in-law to our son Taylor and former long time Resident Missionary Staff at Camp Barakel, so this will be a special visit.

Thank you for praying for us. We are always encouraged by your notes to learn that you are holding us up before God in prayer. Keep praying with us!