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Harriet Miers–her pastor’s view

This from World Magazine’s blog on Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers…

I talked yesterday with Miers’ pastor, Ron Key, who for 33 years (until a few weeks ago) was pastor of Valley View Christian Church in Dallas. “She started coming to church in 1980. She helped out with kids, made coffee, furnished donuts, served on missions committee. She worked out her faith in practical, behind-the-scenes ways. She doesn’t draw attention to herself, she’s humble, self-effacing.” Key has still seen her in recent years because “her mother is 93. Harriet tries to get home as much as she can.” When Key and Miers met in 1980, “I don’t know how strong her faith was at that time. She came to a place where she totally committed her life to Jesus. She had gone to church before, but when she came to our church it became more serious to her…. Our church is strong for life, but Harriet and I have not had any conversations on that”. We believe in the biblical approach to marriage.”