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Heard a good sermon lately?

Hopefully you heard a great sermon this past Sunday.

I also enjoy listening to sermons on tape or as MP3’s–they’re portable. As a pastor I don’t have the privilege of being in a service very often when I can take in a sermon and be challenged by it since I’m usually the one doing the preaching. Listening to sermons is helpful in many ways.

I have a bit of driving to do each day and that time driving is more enjoyable when I can listen to something worthwhile. I also need to be stretched as a preacher. I learn a great deal from listening to good bible teachers, like sermon structure and making good application. I also need to be challenged with the Scriptures beyond my own study efforts. Listening to sermons helps me in all these ways.

Let me point you to a few pastors I enjoy listening to and find very helpful;
Alistair Begg
Greg Comfort
John Piper
Ray Stedman

Some of these pastors have sermons available for download in MP3 format which can be listened to on your computer or taken with you if you have an MP3 player. Some of them have streaming audio that can be listened to over the internet on your computer and some allow you to order tapes or CD’s.

However you chose to listen, it can be a real encouragement for pastors and others to take advantage of the availability of sermon audio on the internet. It’s not too often you have the opportunity to hear great Bible teachers from all over the U.S. and one who’s gone to be with the Lord whenever you choose.

One more closing piece of advice; don’t use these resources to replace your pastor if you aren’t the one doing the preaching. Use these sermons and others to encourage and build yourself up mid-week.

Do you know of other good resources like these? Leave a comment.

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