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Homeschooled kids elude state

That title sounds a bit sinister doesn’t it? It makes it sound like crafty, Michigan homeshoolers are deceiving the state. Thanks to Isabel Lyman I found this article at the a little interesting. It notes true enough that many homeschooled students in Michigan go unaccounted for. This quote from the article may seem like an idea that’s harmless enough but the “registering” is merely where the state will begin to assert it’s control over how families educate their children.

Plank and Tara Donahue, the other author of the report, said the law should be amended to require that parents register, either with the state or their local intermediate school district, their child’s name and the fact they are being home schooled.

Isabel notes that she’s “adding the Wolverine State to [her] ‘great places to homeschool’ list. Let’s keep it one of those “great places to homeschool.”

Update: You can view a PDF of the full report here.

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