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How should believers treat Halloween?

Al Mohler gives direction for believers on how to deal with Halloween in “Christianity and the Dark Side — What About Halloween?” He emphasizes parental discernment and concludes with this.

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther began the Reformation with a declaration that the church must be recalled to the authority of God’s Word and the purity of biblical doctrine. With this in mind, the best Christian response to Halloween, might be to scorn the Devil and then pray for the Reformation of Christ’s church on earth. Let’s put the dark side on the defensive.

We’ve chosen to forgo making much of Haloween in favor of giving our children sweets because, as my wife says “the Gospel is sweet”, and we’ll be celebrating the Reformation tonight by watching Luther.

Update: And then you gotta love the Dan Phillips family observance of the 31st. I think that’s where Carolyn got the “sweets because the Gospel is sweet” idea.

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  1. good link uncle kev. i read an interesting piece from driscoll’s site. i like mohler’s take. good call. hope things are going well.

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