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Humble disagreement

Mark Lauterbach at the New Attitude blog shares a helpful piece for believers and the church — How to disagree (humbly). In it Mark notes these 6 ways to “disagree in a way that honors the gospel:”

1. Be quick to remember that this person is one with whom I will share in eternal glory around the Lamb.

2. Review with them the foundation of our salvation, and review it in detail. Review the stunning grace of God through Christ’s death to undeserving sinners. Spend time reviewing how you each appreciate grace and what new ways it has melted your heart.

3. Be quick to hear the position of those you disagree with and make sure it is understood so well that they tell us we are stating it fairly. I like to begin my rebuttal while they are speaking but that is a mark of pride. Pride also results in false stereotypes, generalizations, and extreme examples.

4. Go to Scripture. How quickly we set aside our Bibles and simply talk theology with each other. Open the text. Walk through the text.

5. Watch against uncharitable judgments of motives, education, consistency, etc.

6. Perhaps agree to disagree. But go to learn as well as to make a point.