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Iraqi family risks it all to save American POW

This article at the Marine Corps web site proves we may need to change our opinion about lawyers. According to the article a lawyer from city of An Nasiryah was instrumental in providing the information ncessasary to rescue U.S. Army Private First Class Jessica Lynch.

1 thought on “Iraqi family risks it all to save American POW”

  1. An Nasiryah is a Hero…I am so thankful that the United States is taking care of him and his family. That is the least we could do for such a love that this man has in his heart for a stranger. If this world had more people like him and his wife, it would be such a better place. God moves in mysterious ways, I thank the good Lord for having his hand on this situation, and having Jessica fight and come away Victorious!

    God Bless you An Nasiryah!

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