Is it finished?

There’s a lot on my list to accomplish personally before the new year here at Camp Barakel. I’ve also been working on a list for the Facilities Care Team of projects that need to be finished.

Often I’m asked by another staff person about a current project, “Is it finished?”

We often have big projects we’re working on that press in on us and take lots of our attention and energy. At times the next big project comes before we can finish all the details of the previous project.

So it helps to have a list to keep those unfinished details before our eyes as we set priorities.

While we work to finish projects, and that will take us well into next year, and then there will be more, it’s good to be reminded that what Jesus started by coming to earth as a baby he finished at the cross. We don’t have to ask, “Is it finished?” We know it is.

Those well-known words of Jesus from the cross we hear in John 19:30 should ring in our hearts this Christmas and all year long. “It is finished.”

This was the purpose for which Jesus came. Jesus gave Himself and finished the work given Him by God the Father.

You may have a lot to do between now and Christmas, but I hope you rest and rejoice every day in the, “It is finished” of our Savior, Jesus Christ.