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It’s who you know

They say “it’s who you know.” A few weeks ago my family and I were standing in the lobby of the Character Inn. There were about a hundred other people waiting like we were to check-in and take our things to our rooms. Groups of people and families were standing everywhere with their piles of luggage. The line at the front desk was getting longer as I found my place there to wait my turn with the others. It looked like it would be a long wait when my older brother, who’s the administrator at the Inn, came to me and asked if I would step out of line for a moment.

Ken was trying to save everyone some time and he knew which room we were in. I was thinking about my lost place in line when Ken gave me the card keys to our room. He had just saved me a thirty-minute wait in the long line at the front desk.

When we got to our room we were a bit surprised to find we didn’t have a room, we had a suite. Ken had invited us to a special conference at the Inn and my sister-in-law Lois had reserved our rooms for us. Ken expedited our wait and got us to our room and Lois had picked out what I’m sure were some of the nicest accommodations in the building. We sure felt special. And all of the special treatment was because of whom we knew.

It’s like knowing Jesus. But knowing Jesus is better than knowing all the right people. Jesus is getting a lot of press these days on big screens everywhere with the movie The Passion of the Christ. Many people know who Jesus is but few really know Jesus.

Jesus said that the road that leads to destruction is broad, and many enter through it but those who know Jesus enter by the narrow gate. (Mat. 7:13-14) It’s unfortunate that so many will know who Jesus is but will never know Jesus personally. Do you know Jesus? Does your neighbor?

If you’d like to really know Jesus or you want to introduce a friend to your Savior check out this resource.

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  1. I stumbled across your brother’s blog a few hours ago… interesting how small this blogosphere sometimes is 🙂

    My mother’s maiden name is Pierrepont… I’m sure we’re related somehow. 🙂

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