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Journaling as spiritual discipline

I’m surveying the ground that is 2005 and I see a vast field of opportunity ahead for spiritual progress. Making spiritual progress in the year ahead for most of us will take a measure of spiritual discipline. One practice I believe can be a spiritual discipline I’d like to make a part of my life is journaling. Journaling about your thoughts, experiences, relationships, spiritual victories and shortcomings can help you keep the spiritual focus of your life where it needs to be. In the year ahead what spiritual disciplines will you practice to help make your life more like Christ? Maybe journaling will be one of those productive spiritual disciplines that will make you more like the Master this year.

More on journaling…
If journaling is something you’re thinking about you might find this article by Gordon MacDonald helpful: Mapping Your Private World.

With the availability and ease with which a blog can be setup and maintained maybe you’ll want to consider starting a blog and journaling there. Tim Bedner writes about how like journaling, blogging can be a spiritual discipline in: Why consider blogging a spiritual discipline?

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