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Keeping nonbelievers away from your site

Read this interesting article at to learn several easy ways to keep nonbelievers from visiting your Christian web site. The author took an informal survey of nonbelievers asking them to rate the annoyance level of some of the following on Christian run web sites.

Christian-themed backgrounds (crosses, fish, etc.)
Commercialism – prominent ads for online store, “buy my book,” “make a donation”
“Vote for this site” buttons
Using “webservant” in place of webmaster
Infighting – “Why Catholics/Protestants/etc. are wrong”
Prominent Bible verses (e.g. a theme verse at the top of the home page)
Written prayer (“Lord, please use this site…” or “I pray that this site will help you…”)

A few comments at the end of the article are also enlightening.

UPDATE: The article points out that these are things you should AVOID if you intend to appeal to a broader audience.

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3 thoughts on “Keeping nonbelievers away from your site”

  1. Not trying to be mean, but the title of your “article” can be taken in two ways. I happen take it in the other way. The mean way. Unless that’s how you meant it. In the way that I first understood it, it seemed to me that you were being prejudice towards nonbelievers. It might just be me, because well, I am a nonbeliever.

  2. Roxanne – thanks for your remarks. The title was tongue-in-cheek. I certainly don’t intend to drive anyone away from my site. My intent is to point out to believers that carelessness (like my choice of titles) can have unintended consequences and the article I linked to is helpful in showing what turns people off from believer run sites and how to avoid doing so.

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