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Ken Pierpont called to Pastor Evangel Baptist, Taylor, Michigan

We learned last night that my elder brother Ken was called to Pastor Evangel Baptist Church of Taylor, Michigan. Our family is rejoicing for Ken and Lois and family today. Ken joins a leadership team with a long, faithful history at Evangel Baptist Church.

Read Ken’s update here.

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3 thoughts on “Ken Pierpont called to Pastor Evangel Baptist, Taylor, Michigan”

  1. Thanks for being excited with us! We are all excited about new ministry! God is good… and has been so faithful to lead. We KNOW this is what He wants of us so it’s neat to follow His will so clearly! Love you guys!

  2. Have any of you heard of Nancy Pierpont? I just found a recipe in my old recipes from her, and am wondering if there is any connection. The recipe would have been from at least 20-35 years ago, and was probably from Florida or Tennessee.
    Joanne Bunyan
    Now in the Detroit area

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