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Laying down your life or laying down on the job?

Laying down your life or laying down on the job

In ministry there’s a constant challenge to be patient (2 Timothy 4:2) and the temptation to play it safe and just “get along”. But God never intended for His church to be a “safe” place. The message of Christ and of His church has been and always will be one of radical change. The change Christ calls repentant sinners to is one of wholehearted devotion and obedience.

My brother Ken recently wrote of the temptation to play it safe in ministry and captures well the very real challenge of ministering faithfully:

Sometimes I wrestle with a dark temptation to arrange a life of ease for myself. I am tempted to placate and pacify the people around me so that my life is easy and predictable. Sometimes I am tempted to gather familiar and cherished things and people around me and create a little kingdom with me at the center. I’m tempted to make easy choices, to prioritize comfort, and to create a soft, comfortable routine for myself. I’m tempted to find a green pasture and “nibble around the edges” of ministry.

What will it be? Will I lay down my life for Christ and for His church or will I lay down on the job? It’s a question for myself and if you’ll hear it, it’s a question for you. The whole piece really is required reading.

Photo by: Andrew Osterberg (Creative Commons)