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Link Spots – 2/1/06

I know you all can’t wait to get my pick for Sunday’s Super Bowl. STEELERS it is. Had them picked early in the season–even over the unbeaten Colts. May be just wishful thinking on my part but it seems like its time for the Steelers. We’ll see. No Super Bowl party for us instead of church. But we’ll be recording the game to watch after our evening worship service–it’s better that way–no commercials or half-time show. Came across the Ben Roethlisberger Blog tonight.

For those of you who enjoy computers as I do, you might find this cool Mac Expose clone for the PC interesting–it’s called SmallWindows–it’s still in beta but works pretty well. I’m usually running five or six or ten applications at a time–especially since I just added a gig of ram to my workhorse notebook–so this is a fun tool that makes switching between open windows a breeze–no pun intended. I loaded it up last night and was showing the guys the cool application switching action and I was getting a bunch of oohs and aahs.

And my oldest son, Kevin, pointed me to the ESV Bible Firefox Plugin. If you use Firefox as your web browser–if you don’t you should–the plugin adds the ESV Bible to the list of available searches in the search menu bar.

Pray for me if you think about it this week as I prepare messages for Sunday. We’ll be in Acts 9 in the morning and I’ll be continuing a series on spiritual warfare in the evening. (When you’re preaching on spiritual warfare you definitely don’t cancel the service for a Super Bowl party.)