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Link Spots – Saturday, Oct. 20, 2007

I’ve not link spotted in a while but I have a few worthy links for you today.

  • Pyromaniacs is about as good as it gets when it comes to taking on the hot topics of the day in the broad evangelical landscape. Subscribe to their RSS feed today.
  • Think On These Things is a monthly publication from the ministry of Gary Gilley, pastor at Southern View Chapel. I had the privilege of hearing him speak at a pastors conference last spring. Gilley also takes on and writes about some of the most debated topics in the church today. You can subscribe to receive the newsletter by email. There’s also an RSS feed for the articles.
  • Tim Challies reviews Joel Osteen’s latest book Become a Better You and warns that, “he teaches self-help but wraps it in a thin guise of Christian terminology. Thus people believe they are being taught the Bible when the reality is that they are learning mere human wisdom rather than divine wisdom. Osteen cunningly blends the wisdom of this age with language that sounds biblical. He blends the most popular aspects of New Age and self-help teaching with Christianity. And his audience is eagerly drinking this in.”