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Ministry changes on the horizon

Six years ago we moved to Michigan so I could take a job at Graphics 3. Little did I know at the time that God would provide an opportunity for me to pastor in Jonesville just three and a half years ago.

Jonesville Baptist Church has been a great experience for us as a family. We love the folks here and I have truly enjoyed the fellowship we’ve shared and the opportunity to shepherd God has given me.

There are new ministry opportunities on the horizon for us though. I have recently accepted a call to pastor Higgins Lake Baptist Church, in Higgins Lake, Michigan. The Lord’s timing in this has been incredible and He once again proves He is in control. With great anticipation we look forward to our relocation to northern Michigan and the challenges and blessings that lie ahead.

With a bit of sadness we look around and realize we will miss those we’ve grown to love as family here in Jonesville. We have grown together in the cause of Christ. It is for the work the Lord has for us we must move on and we look forward to the new family we will join at Higgins Lake.

Soon we’ll share a photo or two of where we are going for those who’d like to see the beautiful surroundings the Lord is placing us in. We’ll begin the work at Higgins Lake during the first week of February. The Lord is good. In all things He has truly blessed us.

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3 thoughts on “Ministry changes on the horizon”

  1. That is beautiful territory. Tears come to my eyes thinking of a heart-to-heart talk my wife and I had on a Saturday day trip looking over Higgins Lake on a summer afternnon while we were courting.

    I’d be tempted to sneak up and take in a service next time we’re in Michigan; my parents live an hour south of Higgins Lake in Midland.

  2. Mark – you’d be more than welcome to visit. We actually camped at the north state park last summer and fell in love with the area not knowing the Lord would provide this opportunity just a few months later.

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