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Mourning a loss — a national title game loss

Since the Buckeyes were playing in the national title game yesterday our family felt it only appropriate to declare yesterday a national holiday. Today we’ve declared a national day of mourning–at least around the Pierpont home. After their loss last night to Florida I had to say “who are you and what have you done with my Buckeyes”. They didn’t appear to be the same team last night. While saddened by their loss yesterday I’m still pleased with their perfect regular season and certainly happy with their win over the team from Ann Arbor–just in case y’all had forgotten about that. Go Bucks!

go bucks

5 thoughts on “Mourning a loss — a national title game loss”

  1. Uncle kevin,

    Wow, what a loss! I couldn’t believe the coaching for Florida, the play calls looked as if they were just playing pitch and catch with the Bucks.
    Glad there is more to life than Buckeye football.


  2. well Kevin you and your family will have to come and visit us and we will treat you all to giordanos pizza
    sorry bout the loss;(

  3. OK in nearly 30 years of marriage Lois has never comforted me after an Ohio State loss…. rare as they are. She must be really grateful for all your help on her new web site.

    We do have a neat place for you here… and deep dish pizza for everyone… and I promise we won’t make you drink the koolaid…

  4. I thought it was interesting how Lois and the girls whet to Giordano’s and watched the game and the guys did not. But that might not have been a pretty scene with the guys there watching the game.

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