— The Preaching and Teaching Ministry of Kevin A. Pierpont

Much to Rejoice Over – North Country Notes

We’ve been enjoying a beautiful week here in northern Michigan with things warming up a little more each day. I can hardly wait for some of those seventy and eighty degree days of summer.

Last Sunday was a special day for us as a church family as we celebrated the baptism of the three youngest Pierpont boys. As Josiah was entering the baptistry last Sunday it dawned on me that he was my last child to be baptized. What a sweet privilege to baptize each of my children. I hope you were encouraged to see these three young men express their desire to live for the Lord as they passed through the waters of baptism. Please pray for their continued spiritual growth. And pray also that by their obedience we will be challenged and encouraged afresh in our faith and walk with Christ. We ought never stop growing in our faith.

This Tuesday, May 15 we’ll be meeting for breakfast and Adopt-A-Road cleanup. We’ll head out for the road cleanup following our 8 AM breakfast. If you’d be willing to bring an item for breakfast please see Chris Fishell Sunday. If it’s raining the morning of the cleanup we’ll reschedule. But we’ll plan to meet for the cleanup even if it rained during the night and the ground is wet. We’d love to have your help — the road cleanup usually takes less than an hour.

Also this Tuesday, May 15 is another opportunity to be reminded to pray for this ministry. We’ve been encouraging you to pray for at least 15 minutes on the 1st and 15th of each month. I hope you’ve found this encouraging and that you’ve prayed more throughout each month for this ministry we’re all a part of than ever before.

In a couple of weeks on May 27 we’ll be privileged to have with us our Missionaries the Garcias during the Sunday School hour and Morning Service. I’m looking forward to hearing from them what God has been doing in the ministry in Chile. It’s always a great privilege to have some time with our missionaries, so mark your calendar and join us, I’m sure it will be an encouraging day.

On a personal note, our Kristi has finished High School and is excited to begin a summer of ministry at Camp Barakel at the end of this month. I hope you’ll join us in praying for her and for Kevin Michael, as he also continues his ministry at Camp Barakel. They will both be a part of the summer staff.

Lord willing we’ll be studying John 17:20-23 this Sunday. I hope you’ll read ahead and prepare your heart with me over this passage.