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No more cheesy powerpoint

I’m trying to prepare myself for the use of PowerPoint during our worship services so I found this interview with Rene Shlaepfer intersting. Here are few ideas gleaned from the interview;

  • Keep the slides simple and uncluttered
  • The slides should never be obtrusive, and they should never dictate the substance of the message
  • Don’t settle for the templates and images that come with the program; everybody’s seen them
  • Don’t use every fancy swipe, fade and disolve just because it’s there
  • People respond best to images, include pictures of people when possible

2 thoughts on “No more cheesy powerpoint”

  1. I started using powerpoint about five years ago and as I look back at the powerpoints I created way back then I am a bit embarrassed cause they were nasty. hehe. But now it works well and I use it week after week in our worship services.

  2. More advice: dark text on a light background.

    I came to this after sitting through several PowerPoints in one day at a conference and the presentations that went in this direction were always more energizing.

    Those presentations going the other way – light text on a dark background – were more tiring.

    Put more light on the screen – keep the audience awake………jkeez

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