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O Be Careful

We’ve been studying Genesis on Sunday evenings recently. Last night we spoke of the account of Noah’s loss of control and nakedness as a result of his drunkenness (Genesis 9:20-29). It is encouraging to note that in spite of Ham’s disrespect for his father his brothers Shem and Japheth showed self-restraint and modesty.

Self-restraint and modesty are character qualities we don’t see much of in our society. I was reminded recently of the need for these character qualities and the necessity for parents to take responsibility when it comes to protecting the innocent minds of their children.

A few months ago we took advantage of an opportunity to receive a free subscription to a popular outdoor magazine. Our oldest boys Kevin and Taylor have enjoyed reading about hunting, fishing and survival skills. Unfortunately I’ve found that I must first take a trip through the pages of each issue to remove offensive ads of scantly clad young women peddling anything from whisky to tree stands.

Some might consider my actions unnecessary and extreme but if it takes this kind of effort to keep my heart in a right relationship with the Lord and to help protect my loved ones from falling, I don’t believe they are.

Our youngsters sing the little chorus “O Be Careful.” We big people could benefit from having that little tune stuck in our heads occasionally.

Oh, be careful little eyes what you see,
Oh, be careful little eyes what you see.
For the Father up above is looking down in love.
So, be careful little eyes what you see.

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